PGA Weekend Shorts Challenge: Top Ten Finalist


We are thrilled to announce that Moonflower’s entry for the Producer’s Guild of America ‘Weekend Shorts Challenge’ has placed among the top ten finalists, and will be screened at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 9th at the AT&T Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Our film “Driving Miss Taylor” was written, produced, shot, and edited within 48 hours for the competition. This was a fun and exhilarating challenge for our cast and crew, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Many thanks to the Producer’s Guild of America for recognizing our work!

*UPDATE: Driving Miss Taylor can now be viewed on the Producer’s Guild of America’s YouTube Channel.

CLICK HERE to watch our film ‘Driving Miss Taylor’!




Stills from “Driving Miss Taylor”

Written by Courtney Jines, Directed by Alexandre Martins

Find out more about the challenge here.